International Flight School Students

Paragon Flight is proud to offer pilot training to U.S. citizens and international flight school students alike. Our experts answer questions below about the application process.

International Flight School StudentsParagon Flight, located in Fort Myers, Florida, has been nationally recognized over multiple years as one of the premier flight schools in the nation by AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association). These awards are based on direct customer feedback through polls conducted by AOPA.

We are an FAA-approved FAR Part 141 flight training center that can help you reach your maximum potential as a pilot. In order for Paragon Flight to begin the I-20 issuing process, we encourage you to follow our step-by-step instructions and complete and submit the required online forms.

Do I need a student visa for flight training?

A student visa (M-1) is required for anyone who is not a U.S. citizen to do flight training for a certificate or rating in the United States. The B-1/B-2 tourist/business is NOT sufficient for flight training in the U.S.

Permanent residents of the U.S. (who are not U.S. citizens) do not need to obtain an M-1 student visa but must obtain TSA’s “Permission to Initiate Training” approval before the start of flight training.

Certified pilots who plan to receive only recurrent training, including a bi-annual flight review or instrument proficiency check, do not require a visa. A visa is also not required for rental of an aircraft while visiting the United States.

Do I need an I-20 Form?

If you live outside the U.S., you must complete Form I-20 to provide supporting information to the U.S. government for the issuance of your M-1 visa. The M-1 visa allows you to complete your training with Paragon Flight.

If you already have an M-1 visa and are currently receiving training at another institution in the U.S. but would like to transfer to Paragon Flight, you must complete a new I-20 form.

While training, can I work in the U.S. to defray the cost of the program?

No. The M-1 visa does not allow a student to work in the U.S. while in flight training. International students who come to Paragon Flight must show proof of financial ability before starting their flight training.

Paragon Flight is available to guide international flight school students through the appropriate processes for obtaining a visa and to answer your other questions. Get in touch with us today at (239) 274-3170 for more information.