Learn To Be An Airline Pilot

Learn to be an airline pilot here at Paragon Flight!

A career in aviation is one of the most rewarding fields you can enter. Not only will you make a living doing what you love, but you will also be able to travel and work in a niche that fits within your aptitudes, lifestyle, and passions.

Personalized Flight Training from Paragon Flight

Learn To Be An Airline PilotStudents come to Paragon Flight with a wide range of ambitions, time availability, and financial options. We recognize that a uniform, standard plan won’t work for our students, so we individualize the approach for each student-pilot who comes to us.

Key Attributes of Paragon Flight:

  • Operating out of Page Field in Fort Myers, FL
  • FAA Authorized Under both Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Parts 61 and 141
  • Welcoming students for all of the following credentials:
    • Private Pilot License
    • Instrument Flight Rating
    • Commercial Pilot License (Single-Engine)
    • Commercial Pilot License (Multi-Engine)
    • Multi-Engine Rating
    • Certified Flight Instructor – Single-Engine (CFI), Instrument (CFII), and Multi-Engine (MEI)
    • Airline Pilot Transport Certificate

If you’re ready to establish a program, schedule a meeting with our Chief Flight Instructor. This conversation will result in your own flight program, with a timeline and financial plan to reach your goals.

The Importance of Dual FAR Authorizations

Having dual approvals, Paragon Flight is able to operate as both a Part 141 flight school and a Part 61 flight school. This unique status opens up our services to a wide range of student-pilots.

A Part 141 flight school has rigid structure regarding time and curriculum, and participation in this type of program is required by students from outside of the country, those with GI benefits, and students with access to federal financial aid.

Alternatively, Part 61 programs are essential to students who have obligations to existing careers, family matters, and community. These programs can be adjusted in pacing and content. With these accelerated programs, pilots must be prepared for intense study and training.

Tracking Your Training

Every novice student will begin working toward a private pilot certificate in the beginning. If you want to progress toward earning a living in the sky, training will not end there.

The next step will likely be earning an Instrument Flight Rating followed by a commercial pilot license. At Paragon Flight, you can choose to pursue this license as a single- or multi- engine pilot.

We also provide training for a multi-engine rating that you can tack on to an existing pilot license.

Most professional pilots decide to earn their certification for providing flight instruction, but this credential isn’t required to become an airline pilot.

The final step toward airline readiness is earning the Airline Transport Pilot Certificate and documenting 1,500 hours in the sky.

The Paragon Flight Choice

Choosing Paragon Flight is choosing safety, fun, quality, and convenience.

Our location is one of our greatest assets. Page Field, the home of Paragon Flight, offers a tower-controlled airport and numerous practice airfields, and the area has terrific weather for flight. These factors make logging the 1,500 hours you’ll need to document far easier.

Additional features of Paragon Flight include stellar Certified Flight Instructors, quality and appropriate aircraft, and remarkable curriculum. When you’re ready to learn to be an airline pilot, reach out to schedule your initial collaborative meeting via phone at (239) 747-0056 or online through our contact form.