Military Pilot Training for Veterans

Paragon Flight proudly offers military pilot training for domestic and approved foreign powers. In addition to welcoming US military veterans who plan to use their hard-earned benefits to develop careers, we also offer Cessna fixed wing piston aircraft training for military purposes.

Military Pilot Training for VeteransGovernments save money and time by delegating some of the more basic aircraft training to us here at Paragon Flight. Some of the services we offer to US and foreign based militaries include Initial Flight Orientation, Single-Engine Recurrent Training, Aircraft Transition and Differences Training, and Rotary Wing to Fixed Wing Training. Completing these programs produces pilots focused on teamwork, safety, and orders and allows the specialist instructors in the military to concentrate on more complex mission-related maneuvers.

The Superiority of Paragon Flight

Paragon Flight is an obvious choice for all those seeking flight training. Our location at Page Field in Fort Myers, FL, experiences sunny, clear skies most days of the year to provide plenty of opportunity to log flight hours. We’re near several practice airfields and call the primary airport of Southwest Florida home.

Additional advantages to choosing Paragon Flight include our Certified Flight Instructors and our incredible fleet of aircraft. We keep a team of flight instructors that is meticulously trained, highly experienced, and regularly evaluated. Our fleet is of similar caliber. We use newer models, all outfitted with the most current technology available for aircraft. The pilots here train with Glass Cockpit technology to make sure that the skills they learn can be applied easily to different aircraft employed in future ventures.

Paragon Flight as a Dual-Authorized Flight School

Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 61 and 141 govern flight schools in the US under the authority of the FAA.  Most flight schools have approvals under one or the other, but Paragon Flight has both.

Part 61 guidelines leave some room for flexible scheduling and curriculum, and Part 141 authority demands rigid structure and content. Regardless of the authority, the checkride and license will be the same. Paragon Flight offers both programs, but international students and those who plan to use GI benefits need to take part in a Part 141 program.

Solutions for Veterans Seeking Pilot Status

Veterans earn access to continuing education as part of the repayment for the sacrifices made on behalf of the country. Paragon Flight welcomes those who wish to use the Post 9/11 GI Bill or the Montgomery GI Bill through our partnership with Liberty University. This measure allows prospective pilots to pay for their aviation education.

Our program of rotary wing to fixed wing transitioning allows helicopter military pilots to transition their skills from military based to develop a career as a civilian. With this training, student-pilots can earn single- and multi-engine commercial pilot certificates in fewer than 70 hours and in fewer than 60 days of training. This program is VA approved, and we offer access to airline careers through our partners like Go Jet, Sky West, and Mesa Airlines.

As a Part 141 training institution, Paragon Flight provides foreign governments and military clients the ability to convert pilot licenses from their home countries into FAA commercial licenses.

We’re proud to provide military pilot training for US service veterans as well as approved foreign militaries. For questions about any of these programs or our other pilot training opportunities at Paragon Flight, call (239) 274-3170.