Multi-Engine Add-On Fort Myers, FL

Flight instruction to achieve a multi-engine add-on is a worthwhile pursuit available here at Paragon Flight in Fort Myers, FL. Pilots generally begin their careers with single-engine aircraft and then graduate to planes with an extra engine. The ensuing increase of power, faster speeds, and higher heights explains the need for additional training. We offer an excellent program that you can complete in as little as 7 days.

Pilots Start with Single-Engine Training

Multi-Engine Add-On Fort Myers, FLBefore learning to fly a multi-engine plane, pilots need to master the single-engine plane. Any complicated skill should be learned as a process, and Paragon Flight offers a strong foundation to build upon as well as the further training required as you continue your aviation education. Our programs can meet any pilot with further experiences, regardless of his or her skill level.

Progressing to Greater Power

With an additional engine, a twin-engine plane increases in complexity and difficulty flying. These planes are heavier and faster, so pilots must master a different skill set to fly them safely. With a multi-engine plane, you’ll have a backup engine if one fails, but this fact also means that the plane will be out of balance when that engine fails. Single-engine scenarios are perhaps the most dangerous situation you’ll face as a multi-engine pilot, so our course will cover this situation in depth in every stage of flight.

Our course demonstrates and emphasizes the essentials to flying multi-engine planes. Students need to learn the limitations of these planes as well as the keys to performance and safety.

The training course here at Paragon Flight is 7-days long. The multi-engine rating is meant to be added to a private or commercial pilot’s certificate. For pilots interested in aviation as a career, the commercial pilot’s certificate is the place to start. The course itself includes 5 hours of ground instruction 11 ½ hours of flight time, and 1 ½ hours for the checkride. Pilots who desire additional flight time can choose the 15-hour course instead of the 13-hour program.

As a provider of pilot training, you can’t go wrong with Paragon Flight. We’re governed by the Federal Aviation Regulations Part 61 and Part 141. These two programs allow pilots to choose either the structure of a full-time program or the flexibility of a Part 61 program with its modifiable approach.

Paragon Flight is well-known as a leader in flight training. We’ve received several awards over the years acknowledging our success as a training institution. Here, you’ll find remarkable planes for flight training, instructors for skill demonstration and measurement, and the perfect location for flying.

  • Piper PA-44 Seminole aircraft are widely considered the standard for multi-engine flight training, and that’s just what we use here at Paragon Flight. Our entire fleet, including this plane, includes up-to-date technology to classify the members as Technically Advanced Aircraft.
  • Our flight instructors are certified, experienced, and well-trained.
  • The location of Paragon Flight is in Page Field in Fort Myers, FL with beautiful weather practically the entire year through.

Paragon Flight is the right choice for those pursuing a multi-engine add-on course in Fort Myers, FL. Call (239)274-3170 to explore all of the opportunities we offer to pursue the thrill and accomplishment of learning to fly. When the time comes to complete your checkride, enjoy the confidence of knowing that you’ve learned from the best.