Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot Course Fort Myers, FL

Paragon Flight is the ideal place to pursue a multi-engine commercial pilot course in Fort Myers, FL. With one intense week of preparation, study, and fun, our student-pilots learn what it takes to handle the power and speed of a multi-engine plane.

Freedom to Fly with a Multi-Engine Rating

Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot Course Fort Myers, FLTo operate aircraft with more than one engine, a multi-engine rating is required by the FAA. Twin-engine aircraft are heavier and more powerful, so you’ll be able to fly to higher heights, cover greater distances, and reach faster speeds. Paragon Flight offers a week-long program that will prepare you to serve as Pilot-in-Command of a multi-engine plane.

Occupationally, if you desire a career in the airline industry, you’ll need this rating along with a commercial pilot’s license. When your plans lean in this direction, it’s best to begin with a commercial certificate rather than a private pilot’s certificate.

The FAA has specific criteria governing multi-engine rating programs. These items will be questioned, observed, and verified during a checkride. This culminating measurement has no verbal component, but pilots will need to prove verbally and in-flight that they’re able to handle the demands of multi-engine flight.

The multi-engine rating is an add-on endorsement applicable to an existing pilot’s certificate, so participants in the program should already have a pilot’s license – private or commercial.

Paragon Flight – Authorized by FAR Part 61 and Part 141

The FAA authorizes Paragon Flight under Federal Aviation Regulations Part 61 and Part 141. Part 61 flight training schools have more flexibility in sequencing and lesson content while Part 141 institutions are strict regarding every element of the experience.

Our 13-hour program for multi-engine flight training will cover the aircraft systems, principles of flight during normal and single-engine operations, aerodynamics, balance and weight issues. Ground training generally consists of 5 hours, flight training is 11.5 hours, and the checkride will require 1.5 hours.

While our program is fast-paced and intense, you can rely on it to be thorough and complete. Safe multi-engine flight is the ultimate goal.

The Advantage of Choosing Paragon Flight

Paragon Flight, located in Fort Myers, FL, operates out of Page Field. This location offers our student-pilots more than 350 days of clear-for-takeoff, beautiful weather along with convenient access to several nearby cities.

The instructors at Paragon Flight are ready for the demands of the training. We realize that the process goes beyond imparting knowledge. A dedication to presenting the information, demonstrating skills, and reinforcing practice is an essential element of successful flight training.

For flight training in a multi-engine aircraft, Paragon Flight employs the standard in twin-engine training craft, the Piper PA-44 Seminole. This plane, as well as the rest of our fleet, is certified as Technically Advanced Aircraft to promote transferability to future aircraft flown.

Paragon Flight has been recognized by the AOPA for the experience pilots have with our programs.

Qualifying for the Program

To participate in Paragon Flight’s multi-engine flight training course, pilots should have an existing private or commercial pilot’s license, a current FAA medical, and verification of US citizenship or TSA-authorization.

When your need for speed propels you to look for a multi-engine commercial pilot course in Fort Myers, FL, consider the advantages of choosing Paragon Flight. Call today for answers to any questions or to schedule your program: (239)274-3170.