Multi Engine Flight School

Finding the right multi engine flight school for you should be a search made with quality, safety, and fun in mind. Paragon Flight in Fort Myers, FL, allows student-pilots to coordinate multi-engine training with acquisition of a commercial pilot license or as an endorsement added to an existing license.

The increased speeds, heights, and power of a twin-engine aircraft require additional training, which we can expertly provide.

Aviation Begins with Regular Training

Multi Engine Flight SchoolThe first step of pilot training is always to master single-engine flight.

Just as with any activity, learning starts simple and builds. Paragon Flight is available and prepared to help with every step along the way. We provide custom training programs and look forward to collaborating with you regarding your aviation goals, lifestyle, and more.

Once you’re ready to progress to multi-engine flight, trust us to provide safe and fun training. We will thoroughly prepare you for instances when an engine fails or a spin occurs. These situations may just be the most dangerous that you’ll ever experience in a twin-engine plane, so we instruct, to mastery, the event in every circumstance imaginable because appropriate reactions will differ depending on context.

A multi-engine pilot needs to be intimately familiar with the systems of the plane, its limitations, and performance factors. That’s what our courses provide.

  • Multi-Engine Add-On Programs – 11-15 hours of multi-engine flight training, 5 hours of ground training, and 1.5 hours of FAA checkride
  • Multi-Engine Initial Programs – 35 hours of multi-engine flight training, 10 hours of ground training, and 1.5 hours of FAA checkride

Paragon Flight is a leader in aviation. We have been honored by the AOPA several years for the flight training that we provide, and we strive to hold true to the qualities that earned that recognition.

Being authorized by both Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 61 and 141, we’re able to meet the demands of all student-pilots, whether they need the full-time, highly structured training of a Part 141 program or the adjustability of a Part 61 program.

Student-pilots from other countries can attend Paragon Flight because of its designation as a Part 141 authorized program, but these students will need to have an M-1 student visa and refrain from any employment during their training. Other student-pilots who must attend a Part 141 course include those using GI funds or federal financial aid for financing of their aviation education.

Part 61 programs are preferred by those with limited time available. Life’s obligations to family, jobs, and community once you’re older and settled do not have to prevent you from reaching your lifelong ambitions of flight.

When you come to Paragon Flight, you find the ideal instructors, weather, practice fields, accommodations, customer service, practical aircraft, curriculum, and all other elements of flight training.

For multi-engine training, we provide the Piper PA-44 Seminole, which is the standard for such practice because of how safely and predictably the plane handles. This plane, as is the rest of our fleet, features Glass Cockpit Technology and advanced avionics to qualify as Technically Advanced.

For multi engine flight school, come to the mecca for pilots: Paragon Flight in Fort Myers, FL. The 350+ days of beautiful flying weather offer plenty of opportunity for flight and a bevy of Certified Flight Instructors. Graduate to twin-engine aircraft, starting with a call to (239) 747-0056 or by following this link.