Multi Engine Flight Training Near Me

Have you perfected the art of flying a single-engine plane? As you search for multi-engine flight training “near me,” make sure that Paragon Flight, operating out of Fort Myers, FL has a well-deserved place on that list.

Move Up to Multiple Engine Flight

Multi Engine Flight Training Near MeIf you already have a pilot license, supplementing your certification with a multi-engine rating will allow you to legally operate a twin-engine aircraft. If you don’t already have a certificate, you can jump directly into the training for twin-engine aircraft. Training for this privilege is important because the different types of aircraft have differences in handling and systems, as well as unique hazards, that pilots must master. Paragon Flight will make it possible to learn all of the ins-and-outs of multi-engine aircraft operations and how to apply the information that you’ll need for safe operations.

Learn with the Highest Quality Flight School

Paragon Flight is the best choice of flight school. We excel in what we do because we love it and because we have experience. Every aspect of learning to fly is considered essential and required to be top-of-the-line. To be the best, each component must also be the best. We utilize the most appropriate, advanced aircraft; hire the most skilled and dedicated flight instructors; and offer a wide breadth of training programs available.

The Multi-Engine Plane Used for Training Purposes

Courses of multi-engine training offered at Paragon Flight will use the standard of twin-engine education, the Piper PA-44 Seminole. The aircraft handles predictably and safely. This aircraft, as are all of our fleet, is Technically Advanced and outfitted with Glass Cockpit Technology. Throughout your training, you will learn in such a fashion that the experience will be transferable to future aircraft flown.

Well-Deserved Accolades for Paragon Flight

Paragon Flight’s performance over the years has repeatedly earned accolades from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. This organization is the leading advocate for aviation enthusiasts, and we’re proud to meet and exceed its standards daily.

The Intricacies of Multi-Engine Focused Flight Training

Learning to fly a twin-engine aircraft is important because operating the aircraft comes with unique hazards that single-engine aircraft don’t experience. The danger is the highest if one of the engines goes out. Pilots must become familiar with appropriate responses for this circumstance in all situations.

Certified Flight Instructors (MEI) for multi-engine training from Paragon Flight will relate, model, and observe practical components of flight and provide informed ground instruction.

Components of Multi-Engine Add-On Training:

  • 11-15 hours of multi-engine flight training
  • 5 hours of ground training
  • 1.5 flight hours (FAA checkride)
  • Additional training materials

Components of Multi-Engine Initial Training:

  • 35 hours of multi-engine flight training
  • 10 hours of ground training
  • 1.5 flight hours (FAA checkride)
  • Additional training materials

Highlights of Paragon Flight

  • Operating under FAR Parts 141 and 61
  • Located in Page Field in Fort Myers, FL
  • Staffed by the ultimate in Certified Flight Instructors (I, II, MEI)
  • Equipped with the best aircraft for training
  • Armed with the most advanced Jeppesen curriculum

Regardless of your home base, choose Paragon Flight as you search for multi-engine flight training “near me.” The travel required to study with the experts here in Fort Myers, FL, is well worth it. Schedule your customizing collaboration today by calling (239) 747-0056 or following this link.