Multi-Engine Flight Training Schools in Florida

Aviation pursuits are rewarding in more ways than one. Pursue your occupational dreams and personal thrills by attending one of the best multi-engine flight training schools in Florida, Paragon Flight. Learning to handle the increased power and speed will require superior training from masters in the field, like those available here.

The Natural Evolution of Piloting Abilities

Multi-Engine Flight Training Schools in FloridaNovice pilots’ first ventures into flight education occur in single-engine aircraft. At Paragon Flight, we offer private and commercial pilot’s certificate training in the Cessna C172S Skyhawk. As pilots become more experienced and want to further their career efforts, carry a heavier payload, or invite more passengers, the multi-engine rating becomes desirable.

A Multi-Engine Flight Training Program at Paragon Flight

A Multi-Engine rating is an add-on endorsement to an existing pilot’s license that enables pilots to fly aircraft with more than a single engine. The program requires that the pilot have an existing private or commercial pilot’s certificate.

Upon completion of the week of training, pilots take a checkride, and when passed, this checkride serves as the evidence that the pilot has accomplished the required mastery of skills to safely fly a multi-engine aircraft. An FAA-authorized evaluator will conduct the checkride, a verbal and practical demonstration of skill and understanding.

All It Takes Is One Week of Training

The course at Paragon Flight takes one short week to complete. The program typically requires 13 hours, but pilots who feel the need for a bit more practice can choose the 15-hour flat rate price. During the week of training, student-pilots will complete 5 hours of ground instruction, 11 ½ hours of flight training, and a 1 ½ hour checkride.

To participate in our program, you will need a current FAA medical approval, documentation of US citizenship or TSA authorization, and an existing private pilot’s license.

Participating in the program will provide you with all of the skills and understanding required to safely operate a twin-engine airplane. This program requires that a student be ready to immerse himself or herself in the study of multi-engine flight because of the accelerated timetable. A person without self-motivation risks being unsuccessful.

The knowledge-based portion of instruction will include information about the different systems, limitations, emergency responses, and performance requirements, while practical flight training will provide direction and practice regarding safe operations during normal and emergency operations. You’ll practice single-engine, spins, and other hazards that occur with twin-engine aircraft.

Flight training in our company-housed PA Piper-44 Seminole will be safe and transferable to other aircraft because we use Technically Advanced Aircraft with all the advanced gear you expect to find in new planes.

Our training program operates out of Page Field in Fort Myers, FL, where we have over 350 days of clear flying weather, ideal for the pilot who needs practice time and an open schedule. As a FAR Part 61 and Part 141 training institution, we’re able to meet pilots where they are, providing a learning experience for the full-time student as well as one who requires more flexibility in scheduling and order of curriculum.

Paragon Flight is one of the best multi-engine flight training schools in Florida. Our award-winning programs are based upon the best instructors and curriculum and the dedication of experienced instructors and well-kept planes. For more information, call (239) 274-3170.