Multi Engine Instructor Training Miami, FL

As the demand for pilots in Miami, FL, continues to rise, the need for multi-engine instructor training does as well, and Paragon Flight, operating out of Fort Myers, offers the ultimate provision of aviation education possible. We will prepare you to prepare others to safely and competently maneuver twin-engine aircraft.

Progressing in the World of Aviation

Multi Engine Instructor Training Miami, FLThe initial experiences as a pilot should be with single-engine aircraft. Mastery of the basics of flight should precede any evolution in power and risk. The instructors who teach pilots need expertise as well. Three categories of Certified Flight Instructors exist:

  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) for Single-Engine flight instruction
  • Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument (CFII) for Instrument Flight Rating instruction
  • Certified Flight Instructor – Multi-Engine (MEI) for Multi-Engine flight instruction

If your interest lies in preparing pilots for operating multi-engine aircraft, you’ll need to earn the Multi-Engine Flight Instruction Certification. To do so, prerequisites include holding a current Multi-Engine Pilot License and a valid Class III medical certificate. Allow the experts at Paragon Flight to help you reach this rewarding goal.

Paragon Flight – The Right Choice for All Student-Pilots

As you consider flight schools for your training, come to the flight school that welcomes all student-pilots for all types of training. We provide a comprehensive measure of flight training beginning with private pilot instruction, commercial pilot training, instrument flight rating training, multi-engine training, Certified Flight Instructor training for CFI, CFII, and CFMEI, and Airline Transport Pilot training.

Our expertise and experience offer competent training for each of these programs. Paragon Flight also provides the ultimate in standard aircraft for training; for multi-engine training, students learn in the Piper-PA-44-180 Seminole. This aircraft handles predictably and safely, an important element for students learning to handle occurrences of single-engine flight in a twin-engine, spins, and other dangerous circumstances common to multi-engine flight.

This aircraft, as the rest of our fleet, is equipped with Glass Cockpit technology and advanced avionics so that your training will be useful in all new aircraft.

Paragon Flight school calls Page Field in Fort Myers, FL, home. The climate in Southwest Florida is such that over 350 days of the year provide flying opportunities, and the local area offers several practice airfields for logging flight time.

These conditions, along with the wealth of accommodations and entertainment options, make the location a haven for pilots. With a wealth of pilots comes an abundance of Certified Flight Instructors, so we’re able to provide the absolute best training and a best-fit promise of instructor.

The Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, issues Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) to authorize flight schools. Most of these institutions have the authority of one Part, but we at Paragon Flight have the good fortune of being authorized under both Parts 61 and 141. The fact that we have both authorization means that we can provide the modifications of pacing and scheduling that busy career people require as well as the structure and full-time study required by those with an M-1 Student Visa, financial aid, or GI benefits.

Becoming a multi-engine flight instructor will allow you to fill a niche in the field, providing training to up-and-coming pilots, and if you’re looking for a flight school near Miami, FL, travel a bit northwest to Fort Myers to attend Paragon Flight.