Multi Engine Rating Courses in Fort Myers Florida

Multi Engine RatingMulti engine aircraft are fast and fun, with more power and more instruments. But you have to receive proper training to fly them safely. It’s a simple process to add on a multi-engine rating to your Private or Commercial Pilot license through Paragon Flight. At our flight training center in Fort Myers, Florida, we will complete your training on time at a reasonable cost with safety as our first concern.

At Paragon Flight, we design your multi engine rating training individually because we recognize that every pilot needs a customized plan to suit their unique level of experience and their level of available training time. You will learn the aerodynamic differences between single engine and multi-engine aircraft, instrument flying and cross-country flying, all designed to polish your skills and help you master multi engine aircraft.

There is no minimum of flight hours needed to qualify for the FAA exam. This means that a multi engine flight training program can be completed in 8 to 15 hours so that you can demonstrate your ability to operate the aircraft to FAA Practical Test Standards (PTS).

At Paragon, we operate the most popular twin-engine training aircraft in the world, the Piper PA-44 Seminole. The Seminole’s all-metal construction, predictable flight characteristics and simple systems make it highly reliable and easy to train in. One flight in the Seminole and you’ll see why it’s the backbone of almost every major flight school in the U.S.  Paragon Flight’s multi engine flight training courses are designed for Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA), which means you will get the most advanced multi engine training available.

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Paragon Flight in Fort Myers, Florida, is one of the top FAA-approved flight training centers in the nation. Whether you are coming over to us from somewhere else in Florida, such as Naples, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota or Jacksonville, we provide you with an excellent training location where our sunny climate allows you to fly throughout the year. With easy access to airports and practice areas, Paragon’s experienced and enthusiastic flight instructors will provide you with advanced training techniques, some of the finest equipment in the industry, and unsurpassed customer satisfaction.