Multi Engine Rating Schools

Flying faster and farther with twice the power of a single-engine aircraft requires that pilots earn a multi-engine rating, and one of the best flight schools for this purpose is Paragon Flight. We’re proud to provide an array of flight training courses to meet the needs of the every pilot from the beginner to the expert.

Are You Ready for More Power in the Sky?

Multi Engine Rating SchoolsA twin-engine plane has more power. This power makes it possible for planes to fly higher, faster, and farther, and many consider the doubled engines as safer since you’ll have an engine left should one fail.

While being able to fly multi-engine planes promises more fun and practicality, this rating will also be a necessary step for career-minded pilots with an airline captain seat as the goal.

At Paragon Flight, you can be in the cockpit of a twin-engine aircraft and certified to command it in as little as 13 hours over seven days.

Choose the Level of Flight Training That Wins Awards

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, AOPA, often considered the standard bearer for recognizing aviation excellence has recognized the quality of flight training received here at Paragon Flight to be of the highest caliber in the world.

Choose a Flight School That Works for All Schedules and Preferences

The FAA oversees flight schools according to Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Parts 61 and 141. Part 141 embraces strict structure and adherence to curriculum while Part 61 instills greater flexibility regarding pacing and lesson content. While most flight schools are authorized under one Part or the other, Paragon Flight is authorized under both regulations, so we’re able to meet the needs of the full-time student-pilot or those who need a more accelerated, customized approach to flight training.

The course for multi-engine flight training at Paragon Flight includes 11.5 hours of in-flight training, 5 hours of ground instruction, and a 1 ½ hour checkride. While the checkride won’t include a written component, pilots do need to demonstrate skill and knowledge levels that verify proficiency in multi-engine flight. An FAA-authorized evaluator administers this measurement. Our comprehensive approach will ensure that you’re fully prepared for success on the day of the checkride.

During multi-engine training, we focus on single-engine maneuvers in all phases of flight. This situation is perhaps the most dangerous one faced in multi-engine aircraft. A full training course addresses all conceivable situations you’ll face both in the checkride and in later flying adventures.

Qualifications for Participation in the Paragon Flight Multi-Engine Training Program

  • Current private or commercial pilot certificate
  • Proof of US citizenship or TSA-approval for foreign students
  • Current FAA medical approval

 Highlights Regarding Paragon Flight

  • Being a Part 61- and 141- authorized flight school, we’re able to accommodate students with full- and part- time schedule availability and learning preferences.
  • The multi-engine flight training program utilizes a Piper PA-44 Seminole, the standard for safe and predictable training.
  • We call Page Field in Fort Myers, FL, home – providing useful proximity to accommodations, practice fields, and nearby cities.
  • The area around the flight school enjoys over 350 days per year of perfect weather for flight practice.

If you’re like most pilots, your kicks come from speed and power. You can feed this bug and carve out a new career path by earning a multi-engine rating to enhance your pilot’s license, and one of the best schools for this pursuit is Paragon Flight.