Multi Engine Training Florida

Flight dreams are best pursued in sunny, beautiful Florida. At Paragon Flight, you can participate in both single-engine and multi-engine training without concern that the quality of your flight instruction will be anything less than superior.

Dreams Fulfilled

Multi Engine Training FloridaLong held dreams of becoming a pilot are within reach when you turn to Paragon Flight. We share the passion of flight, so we provide superior instruction, modern and well-kept aircraft, and the premiere Jeppesen curriculum. Whether you plan to fly for personal pleasure or as an enjoyable career, we aim to enhance your love of flight.

The Part 61 vs Part 141 Dilemma Resolved

Flight training institutions are authorized by Federal Aviation Regulations Part 61, Part 141, or, in the case of Paragon Flight, both. Because we work under both regulations, students can choose between Part 61, a flexible option that allows curriculum to be rearranged and pacing to be individualized, or Part 141, a rigid, full-time, standard curriculum. Regardless of your place in life’s journey, you can answer the call of your dreams without having to sacrifice major milestones or obligations.  

Flight Training Expectations

Pilot candidates need a broad knowledge and skill base. We will provide you with ground training and flight time. You’ll be prepared for the required exams when you put in the time with us.

We use the full line of Jeppesen curriculum to train our pilots. Ground training will include lessons pertaining to weather, aerodynamics, aircraft technology, the language of flight, planning flights, and federal regulations. We teach you the physical methods of flight as well as the theoretical reasons they work.

The flight training our students experience include takeoffs, landings, night flights, and cross-country instruction. Master the challenges of takeoff and landing. We will put you through the paces of normal conditions, soft airfields, and short airfields. We will help you prepare for real life situations that you will face as a pilot.

Multi-Engine Flight Training

Paragon Flight approaches Multi-Engine Flight training with one of the most commonly used twin-engine training aircraft – the Piper PA-44 Seminole with the Avidyne “glass” avionics package.

The Glass Cockpit technology within this TAA, Technically Advanced Aircraft, prepares pilot candidates for the equipment they will work with in most aircraft that they’ll encounter.

The Piper PA-44 Seminole has an all metal construction and user-friendly operating systems. This craft also behaves predictably in the air, so it’s often chosen for training situations.

Other Training Options

Paragon Flight also provides training in single-engine planes for private pilot licenses, commercial licenses, airline transport pilot licenses, and instrument rating. If you’re interested in becoming a pilot, why not come in for a consultation with our Chief Flight Instructor? We can design a plan to meet you where you are at any stage of life.

If finances are a concern, rest easy. We Florida Financial, through their We Fly Program, partners with us to help pilot candidates secure financing. The application is online, and the process is designed to make becoming a Student Pilot stress-free and simple.

Is flying a dream that you’re ready to fulfill? If so, reach out to Paragon Flight at (239) 274-3170. We’re proud to offer top-tier single and multi engine flight training in beautiful Fort Myers, Florida that will fully prepare you to reach your pilot ambitions.