Multi Engine Training Fort Myers, FL

Multi-engine training from Paragon Flight in Fort Myers, FL, provides pilots with thorough preparation for safe operation of twin-engine aircraft. The student-pilots who come to us for study find that we offer personalized programs for the pursuit of all aviation goals regardless of scheduling availability.

Greater Power with a Multi-Engine Rating

Multi Engine Training Fort Myers, FLOperating aircraft with a multi-engine rating allows pilots to reach higher planes of altitude, farther distances, and greater speeds with increased power but also different risks. To earn your Multi-Engine rating, Paragon Flight offers a week-long program. We also provide multi-engine training with a twin-engine focus from the very beginning of pilot training.

Advance as a Career-Driven Pilot with a Multi-Engine License

The further you plan to go with your career, the more certifications will be required. If you plan to work for an airline, you will need an Airline Transport Pilot Certification, licensing that requires a commercial license and multi-engine privileges. You can choose to pursue both simultaneously at Paragon Flight, or you can add a Multi-Engine Rating to an existing pilot license.

Choosing a FAR Part 61 or Part 141 Program of Flight Training

Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) administered and overseen by the FAA govern the operations of flight schools. Most flight schools have the governance of either FAR Part 61, which provides for flexibility of pacing and content of instruction, or FAR Part 141, which is much more rigid in terms of curriculum and scheduling. Paragon Flight is fortunate in that we are authorized under both FAR Parts 61 and 141. We’re able to meet the needs of student-pilots of all lifestyles – whether they be established in career and family life with limited availability or college-age and free to attend on a full-time basis.

The distinction is also important because some circumstances require Part 141 authorization. These situations include international students with an M-1 Student Visa or using GI benefits or federal financial grants or student loans.

Accelerated Completion of a Multi-Engine Rating Program

Adding a Multi-Engine Rating requires 13 short hours:

  • 5 hours ground training
  • 11.5 hours practical training
  • 1.5 hour checkride

Paragon Flight Advantages

Page Field, home of Paragon Flight, features a tower-controlled runway and is the hub of flight for the entire Southwest Florida region.

In the area, weather is ideal for flight more than 350 days of the year, providing our student-pilots with ample opportunities for practice, and the area features a number of practice airfields as well. No matter your reasons for getting in the air, you’ll have no shortage of opportunities in the area.

A side-benefit of the pilot-friendliness of the climate and area features is the abundance of pilots and Certified Flight Instructors. We’re able to choose from among a wide pool of highly skilled and diversely experienced applicants to staff our flight school. Your flight instructor will also go through our training, and we provide a best-fit tutor match promise as well.

As you learn how to safely operate a twin-engine aircraft, you’ll do so in the standard piece of equipment, the Piper PA-44 Seminole.

Whether you have a clear idea of where your career should go or if you’re ready to graduate to new levels of power in the sky, choose Paragon Flight for multi engine training in Fort Myers, FL. For answers to questions or to schedule a consultation, call (239) 747-0056 or click here.