Multi Engine Training Miami, FL

Pilots ready to bring on more power with a multi-engine plane should head to Paragon Flight in Fort Myers, FL, for training. Within driving distance of Miami, our program is perfect for pilots of all skill levels, with terrific weather, experienced instructors, and remarkable aircraft.

Skill Progression

Multi Engine Training Miami, FLThe piloting journey begins in single-engine planes. The initial license is to fly a single-engine plane, privately or commercial. Pilots interested in flying for an airline must earn a multi-engine rating, but it must be added to a commercial license. The Paragon Flight course is largely skewed to the commercial pilot, but we also welcome private pilots to pursue the multi-engine add-on endorsement.

The Multi-Engine Rating Course

A multi-engine rating is an add-on endorsement for private and commercial pilots. The first qualification to participate in the program is an existing pilot’s certificate. The only other requirements include providing proof of US citizenship or TSA approval and a current FAA medical approval.

Completing the required multi-engine rating course and clearing the checkride will result in the add-on endorsement to fly a multi-engine aircraft.

Can You Afford It?

The better question, for aspiring pilots, is how can you afford not to approach multi-engine training? If you want to secure a stable, high-paying job as a pilot, this course is essential. Financing your program will be far easier with Paragon Flight because we’re familiar with the types of loan products available and will help you find the right one for you. We have flat prices without hidden fees, so you’ll get what you expect and the training you deserve.

Seven Days to Success

Paragon Flight provides a 13-hour course of flight instruction to prepare for the checkride. We’re authorized by the FAA under Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 61 and 141.  The programs authorized under Part 61 offer more flexibility than Part 141 programs, which are much stricter about scheduling, pacing, and curriculum. When done with the program, our pilots are fully ready to clear their checkride evaluation because of the individualized approach we’re able to provide.

The program here at Paragon Flight includes all of the elements you’ll need to master how to safely fly a multi-engine plane.

The instruction we provide will ensure that you gain mastery of the aircraft’s systems, the limitations of that system, emergency measures, and performance procedures. During flight, you’ll likewise master all of the performance maneuvers required, safe responses for emergency situations like a single-engine flight scenario and spins, and all phases of flight evaluated during the checkride.

The components of our multi-engine program require seven days. We provide 5 hours of ground instruction, 11.5 hours of in-flight training, and 1.5 hours for the checkride. For a fee, you can choose a 15-hour program instead of the 13-hour standard program if you need a bit more time in the air.

When you fly during the program, the multi-engine plane we provide is the PA Piper-44 Seminole, the standard of reliable and predictable twin-engine flight. Our entire fleet is outfitted with technology that classifies the members as Technically Advanced Aircraft. Reach the high heights and fast speeds a multi-engine aircraft promises in the safety of our well-maintained planes.

Multi-engine training for pilots in Miami, FL, should come with the kind of stellar instructors, location, and aircraft we provide here at Paragon Flight in Fort Myers.