Multi Engine Training Orlando, FL

Becoming the Pilot-in-Command (PIC) of a multi-engine aircraft requires comprehensive training, and pilots in Orlando, FL, should make their way to Paragon Flight in Fort Myers, FL to have a successful period of preparation at an award-winning flight training institution.

The Multi-Engine Rating Add-On Endorsement

Multi Engine Training Orlando, FLAs it sounds, the multi-engine rating is an add-on, which means that this endorsement qualifies an existing license. Participants in this program should already have a private or commercial pilot’s certificate to fly single-engine planes. We’ll prepare you to fly a heavier, faster aircraft that can travel farther and higher while carrying a greater payload.

Paragon Flight is the right school for your flight training since we offer superior quality aircraft, trainers, and best practices for quality outcomes. The multi-engine rating program here is intensive and fast-paced for the motivated and passionate pilot.

Train in the Best

When choosing the right flight school for your training, you must consider the quality of the aircraft fleet. The expense of housing a twin-engine aircraft can be prohibitive, so this element can be of lesser quality with a newer, less established institution. Paragon Flight employs the standard aircraft for multi-engine training, the Piper PA-44 Seminole. It’s reliability and predictability make it ideal for training, and we maintain our entire large fleet to incredibly high standards. To ensure that the training is transferable to future experiences and aircraft, all of our planes use Glass Cockpit Technology and are classified as Technically Advanced Aircraft.

Flight Instruction That Wins Awards

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) is a prestigious organization that recognizes the best flight training facilities and instructors throughout the country. Paragon Flight is proud to be among those repeatedly recognized by this group, and we strive to continue to maintain the standards that engendered award-winning experiences and instructors. For a fully satisfying aviation experience, consider learning with us.

Safety Is Key for Paragon Flight

Your flight training experience should be safe in experience and result in safe practices. A multi-engine aircraft is quite different from a single-engine plane, and our efforts prepare pilots to handle whatever dangers might come their way. Of particular interest is single-engine flight in a twin-engine aircraft since this situation can be particularly dangerous. By the time you’re walking into your checkride, we make sure that you have mastered all potential scenarios including single-engine flight and spins. We will also ensure that you have a proficient understanding of the aircraft systems, procedures, performance requirements, and dangers.

What to Know Regarding Paragon Flight

  • Governed by Federal Aviation Regulations Part 141 and Part 61, we offer flexibility as well as structure depending on the pilot and the course
  • Operated out of Page Field in Fort Myers, FL, an aviation hub in Southwestern Florida
  • Located where the weather is ideal for flying over 300 days of the year for maximum practice and open scheduling
  • Team of experienced, well-trained Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) are accustomed to facilitating intense, fast-paced instruction
  • Flat-rate pricing for multi-engine flight rating training

Pilots in Orlando, FL, seeking multi-engine training should consider Paragon Flight in Fort Myers. We’re close and provide some of the best flight training in the entire country. To learn more or to request assistance locating the right financial lending product, give us a call or use our online options.