Orlando Flight Training Centers

Paragon Flight calls Fort Myers, FL, home and is one of the best flight training centers within driving distance of Orlando. If you’re looking for the ideal place to pursue your cockpit dreams, read on to see why we deserve to be that source for aviation education.

Introducing Paragon Flight

Orlando Flight Training CentersCome to Page Field in Fort Myers, and you’ll find Paragon Flight. We are a FAR Part 141 and Part 61 approved flight school, and we’ve been in operations since 2006. With dedication to excellence in every aspect of all of our programs, we have earned a reputation as being the best, and we strive to earn that reputation daily.

The aircraft that we provide for training are well cared for and qualify as Technically Advanced Aircraft. Whether you’re learning how to fly single-engine, multi-engine, or sport planes, you’ll do so in the standard training aircraft for that niche, and it will be cared for by an FAA-approved mechanical team.

We’re committed to providing efficient flight training; although, we allow students to learn at their own pace. Paragon Flight is one of the few flight schools allowed to use the Jeppesen curriculum, produced by a Boeing subsidiary. By using this curriculum, we can turn out ready pilots 30% faster than the national average.

Implementing this curriculum and providing incredible practical training are our Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs). Out of the abundance of flight instructors in Florida, we’re able to choose the best, and our students benefit. We offer pilots with various specialties and experience in all sorts of geographies and regions.

Flight instructors love Florida for the same reason that our students are able to document flight hours more conveniently than in other locations – weather. The weather is clear and ideal for takeoff more than 350 days of the year. This area also offers incredible scenery, accommodations, and attractions.

Paragon Flight calls Page Field home, which is the hub of aviation in Southwest Florida. As such, it offers access to a tower-controlled runway and several practice fields that we use as well.

Welcoming All Aspiring Pilots

Aspiring pilots from all walks of life are welcome to participate in programs at Paragon Flight. As a Part 61-authorized program, we can cater to those with busy schedules by providing accelerated or self-paced programs. Alternatively, as a Part 141-authorized program, we welcome students with full-time availability or who learn better with greater structure. This type of program is also required of veterans who’d like to use GI benefits and international students who must attend as a Student Visa holder per Homeland Security.

Program Credentials Available at Paragon Flight

  • Private Pilot License (PLL)
  • Instrument Flight Rating (IFR)
  • Commercial Single-Engine License (CSEL)
  • Commercial Multi-Engine License (CMEL)
  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

We also provide training for the military and the perfect opportunity for commercial pilots to continue racking up hours to become an airline pilot.

The P3 Professional Pilot Program that we now offer will take you from no experience to a licensed commercial pilot and Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) in 38 weeks.

The drive from Orlando to Fort Myers to attend Paragon Flight, the best among the available flight training centers, is well worth it. Contact our team at (239)747-0056 to schedule a collaborative meeting in order to design a plan that will help you reach your goals of flight.