Pilot Training for Airline Career

Have you considered pursuing a career as an airline pilot but have doubts about the costs in terms of time and money for training? Paragon Flight offers the solution through our Professional Pilot Program with an accelerated timeline and lower price than you’ll find elsewhere.

A Field with High Demand

Pilot Training for Airline CareerThe current atmosphere for airline pilots is pretty wide open. Airlines need qualified pilots, and salaries reflect this demand. The earning potential ranges from $56k to $700k. Now is the time to pursue this occupation if it’s one of interest to you.

Paragon Flight”s Professional Pilot Program

The P3 Professional Pilot Program from Paragon Flight guides students toward earning quality pilot credentials and long-term occupational success. This program focuses on the quality of training rather than the amount of training, helping candidates overcome financial obstacles and develop the leadership skills that every PIC, or Pilot-in-Command, needs.

38 Weeks to Flight Instructor Certification

First Ten Weeks to Private Pilot (PPL) Certification – This first step is the foundation of your future as a pilot. This point of your training will be when you learn the basics of flying safely, along with the extent of the dedication and character you’ll need to succeed.

Second Eight Weeks to Instrument Flight Rating (IFR) – After earning your PPL, you’ll move on to training for instrument flight. This course teaches you to use the avionic, radio, communication, and navigation systems of flight. This skill is essential for any commercial pilot.

Twelve More Weeks to a Commercial License (Single Engine CSEL and +Multi Engine CMEL) – The next step in the P3 Program is to earn your commercial license to fly both a single- and multi-engine plane. During this training phase, we will provide high-standard training to achieve a mastery level of pilot ability.

Final Eight Weeks to Flight Instructor Certification – The last step of the P3 Program is training to teach others to fly. With this license, you’ll be able to earn money as a pilot while logging the hours that will be required to apply for further opportunities as a commercial pilot, including being an airline pilot.

Why Florida for Flight Training

Choosing to travel to Florida for flight training makes sense. Page Field (FMY), the airport we at Paragon Flight call home, provides a tower-controlled airport and several other practice fields, but the area offers so much more. 

The weather is remarkably flight-friendly, with over 350 days of the year providing takeoff-worthy conditions, and the view from the sky is unbeatable. If time is of the essence, you need to choose a location like ours where you won’t have to deal with canceled sessions or days when you can’t get in the air. 

This flight-friendly state also provides us with a wide choice of flight instructors. Florida is prime real estate for pilots with a range of experiences and specialties, and we at Paragon Flight benefit from the ample supply of candidates.

Get started training for a career as an airline pilot today with a simple call to Paragon Flight. Our P3 Program will set you on your way in a budget- and schedule-friendly fashion. Learn more with an appointment to arrange your program with our Head Flight Instructor. Call (239) 747-0056 or click here to contact us online.