Pilot Training in USA for Foreign Students

Coming to the USA for pilot training provides foreign students with an excellent foundation for developing aviation skills. Paragon Flight facilitates the processes of applying and meeting the requirements for students in these special circumstances.

Pilot Training in USA for Foreign StudentsThe FAA, under Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 61 and 141, approves Paragon Flight’s operations. You’ll find us at Page Field in Fort Myers, FL. We’re a well-respected flight school, repeatedly recognized by the AOPA, or Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, for excellence in instruction and the overall quality of the flight school experience we provide. No matter where you’re from, you can come to Paragon Flight for an effective, enjoyable, and efficient flight school experience.

The programs available for pursuit at Paragon Flight include private pilot’s license, commercial pilot’s license, instrument pilot rating, multi-engine add-on rating, and Certified Flight Instructor (CFI/CFII/MEI). Student-pilots can remain with us for the duration of their aviation education.

Authority to Train International Students

For international students to attend flight school, the Department of Homeland Security requires that the institution be approved under FAR Part 141. Paragon Flight meets this requirement, and we will provide you with an I-20 Form for the completion of your student visa application (M-1). Part of the process international students need to follow includes filing a new I-20 Form for each flight school attended.

While Paragon Flight has authority to train international students, the individual student needs the right visa for attendance. The M-1 student visa is required for foreign students to attend any flight school in the United States.

Permanent Resident Foreign Nationals

Some non-citizens are able to attend Paragon Flight without an M-1 Visa. Non-citizens who live in the United States on a permanent basis are able to participate in our flight school programs with documentation that verifies TSA approval.

Existing pilots from foreign countries can also come to Paragon Flight without an M-1 Student Visa if they simply need to participate in recurrent training for recertification or would like to rent a plane from among our fleet for personal use during their stay in the United States.

Important Information International Students Need to Know

Questions about work opportunities and accommodations influence the decisions international students make about flight schools. We want our foreign students to understand that they will need to budget enough to cover accommodations and meals because they will not be able to work while in the US. This prohibition comes from the US government, and we can do nothing to change it. You will find that the Fort Myers area has affordable and luxurious accommodations, along with everything in between.

Paragon Flight Is the Right Choice

Paragon Flight is widely recognized as a leader in flight education. Come here to have access to the best curriculum, instructors, fleet, and weather in the industry. We will have you ready for flight faster than the competition, and we pledge to provide the level of instruction required to make you an incredible pilot.

Student-pilots who come to Paragon Flight benefit from our experience, processes, and dedication no matter their origin. Foreign students who come to the USA for pilot training will find that we offer assistance in every phase of the experience. Begin your process of applying with a simple call to (239) 274-3170.