Pilot Training Port Charlotte, Florida

When the cockpit beckons you to pilot training, answer it by turning to Paragon Flight in Punta Gorda, near Port Charlotte, Florida. Here, you’ll find AOPA-recognized, top caliber aviation instruction whether you plan to fly privately or professionally.

Southwest Florida’s Pilot Paradise – Paragon Flight

Pilot Training Port Charlotte, FloridaThe table of success created by Paragon Flight begins with the setting – Southwest Florida. We have two locations – one out of the Punta Gorda Airport (PGD) in Punta Gorda and the other at Page Field (FMY) in Fort Myers. Our newest location is at LaGrange-Callaway Airport (LGC) in LaGrange, GA. Our homes in these airport settings provide immediate access for our students to practical training. Modern facilities and practice airfields await our student-pilots.

Our location offers incredible facilities, but it also provides an ideal environment for pilots. The weather in this part of the world is clear for takeoff and landing more than 350 days every year. With more opportunities to spend time in the cockpit, you can complete training faster, and with less expense.

Being so friendly to pilots, the area is also ripe with incredible Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs), eager to share their skills with our students. No matter your skill level, pilot ambitions, or planned working environment, we can provide an appropriate instructor. We also understand that personalities don’t always mesh, so if you find that the instructor assigned isn’t one that addresses your learning style, we will assign a new flight instructor for your program.

Using the Jeppesen curriculum, our students have all of the materials necessary to complete ground instruction – 30% faster than the national average. Crafted by a Boeing subsidiary, this world-class curriculum includes the software, manuals, and supplementary materials needed for a complete training experience.

Training for flight requires aircraft, and Paragon Flight uses the industry standard for the purpose. Single engine training takes place in the Piper PA28 “Pilot,” and multi-engine training occurs in the PA-44 Seminole. For transition and differences training, high performance endorsements, and single and multi day rentals, we offer the Cirrus SR20. Wrapping up our fleet is the ALSIM Flight Simulator, an ultra-realistic method for working on skills while safely on the ground and spending less cash.

Every single fleet member we have at Paragon Flight prepares students to use advanced avionics. We want your education to be readily transferable to future experiences.

From the perfect location to the best instructors, aircraft, and curriculum for training, every component of flight training is here at Paragon Flight, but we take things a step further. We can also provide guidance as you seek appropriate financial resources. Money doesn’t have to be an obstacle to pursuit of aviation as a hobby or career.

Allow Paragon Flight to assist you as you secure financial aid in the form of student loans or grants, use GI bill funds if you’re a veteran, or apply for personal lending. Our many years of operations have provided us with contacts of lenders and an understanding of how application processes work. Let us help pave the way toward a program of flight instruction.

The pilot training provided here at Paragon Flight in Punta Gorda near Port Charlotte, Florida will thoroughly prepare you for life as a pilot, and you’ll have fun during the experience. Call (941) 900-3131 if you’d like to discuss how we can cater to your precise scheduling, ambitions, and budgeting needs.