Pilot Training Schools Jacksonville, Florida

If you’re on the hunt for superior pilot training schools near Jacksonville, Florida, consider Paragon Flight. We meet all the criteria that you should check when identifying a quality source for aviation education.

Introducing Paragon Flight

Pilot Training Schools Jacksonville, FloridaThe Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, also known as the AOPA, annually honors the best aviation training institutions, instructors, etc. in the nation. These honors are a source of pride for Paragon Flight, and we strive to maintain the attributes that made us worthy of them.

We’re authorized to operate by the FAA under Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Parts 61 and 141. Part 61 guidelines allow us to provide an adjustable curriculum and schedule, and Part 141 guidelines provide a strict schedule and lesson content. Both Parts hold to the same criteria, though. The avenues to the checkpoint may differ, but the checkpoint and the license earned will be the same nonetheless.

Identify the Flight School for You

As you weed through the flight schools that you’re considering attending, how will you know when you find the right one?

Several elements should be considered, all of which suggest the likelihood of a successful program.

Consider Where You Are and Where You Want to Be

Paragon Flight offers a full range of aviation training. Whether you’re currently a complete newbie or have an existing pilot’s license, we offer a range of programs and access to continuing practice.

  • Private pilot certificate
  • Commercial pilot certificate
  • Multi-engine rating
  • Instrument rating
  • Certified Flight Instructor (I/II/MEI)

Knowing that the flight school you attend has a positive reputation is key to your choice. In the world of flight training, you’ll find that no institution has a better reputation than Paragon Flight.

Consider the Components of Instruction

The instructors on staff at Paragon Flight have a diverse range of experiences and skill sets. Our applicant pool is large and top-notch, so we’re able to provide our students with the best Certified Flight Instructors in the country.

Next, you must make sure that the equipment is up to the task of safe, predictable flight training. The school you choose should have the style of a plane to facilitate training in the area you’ve chosen. The aircraft should have modern equipment that allows for an easy transfer of skills learned to new aircraft in your future as a pilot.

Different flight schools use curriculum specific to them. Paragon Flight, for instance, uses the Jeppesen curriculum which was created by Boeing, and we’re fortunate to be one of the few flight schools who’ve qualified for this honor.

Consider the Steps Required to Proceed

The last thing to consider is finances. How much will the training cost and how can you finance it? For specific information, contact our staff to discuss the courses that interest you and the potential costs involved.

As a Part 141 flight school, veterans can use their GI benefits to pay for training, and we partner with Liberty University for students who plan to use these funds or grants.

We can also accept international students under student visa status and can provide the I-20 forms required to apply with the Department of Homeland Security.

Paragon Flight is one of the best pilot training schools near Jacksonville, Florida. We offer you a team of professionals, superior aircraft, and effective curriculum to help turn your flight dreams into reality. To schedule a consultation and begin designing your program of aviation training, call us today at (239) 274-3170.