Pilot Training Schools Naples, Florida

Flight can be a fun way to spend your down time, a convenient avenue of transport, and a skill used to make a living, but it requires an education. Paragon Flight is one of the best pilot training schools near Naples, Florida.

Approved by the FAA under FAR Parts 61 and 141, Paragon Flight provides comprehensive flight instruction for novice and expert aviators. No matter where you begin, we’ll create a customized program of flight training to expedite your aviation education without sacrificing quality.

Pilot Training Schools Naples, FloridaBeing authorized as a Part 61 and Part 141 flight school, we can offer the best of both worlds. For those who need the flexibility of a Part 61 approach, we can readily oblige, and those who require structure or must attend a Part 141 school for one reason or another can also find appropriate flight training.

As an institution, Paragon Flight has been repeatedly honored by the AOPA, otherwise known as the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. We recognize the significance of these honors and pride ourselves on remaining true to the standards that earned them.

Advantages to Receiving a Paragon Flight Aviation Education

The Best Curriculum in the Industry

Jeppesen training, like that we use at Paragon Flight, is the best flight training curriculum in the world. Created by Boeing, this curriculum generally turns out well-heeled pilots 30% faster than other flight training programs. We at Paragon Flight are proud to be counted among the few approved to use this curriculum.

The Best Weather for Flight

Operating out of Page Field in Fort Myers, FL, Paragon Flight appreciates the remarkable weather particular to this area. We offer our students the opportunity to fly in clear skies more than 350 days out of the year. The more you fly, the faster your training will be complete.

The Best Aircraft for Training

The Cessna Skyhawk 172 is the best aircraft for training. It is a dependable and safe aircraft with minimum speeds required for landing and takeoff. The construction is forgiving, lightweight, fuel efficient, and affordable. Our fleet is impeccably maintained and equipped with the modern equipment you’d expect to find in a Technically Advanced Aircraft such as ours. The fleet at Paragon Flight includes other aircraft as well in order to accommodate multi-engine training and skilled flight. You don’t have to worry that we will farm out your practical training to another flight school or leave you to find a place to log hours on your own.

The Best Location for Flight Training

Page Field doesn’t only enjoy perfect weather. It also provides access to several practice fields and is in close proximity to service all of the communities within Southwest Florida – including Naples. We offer a tower-controlled runway that is about 5,000-feet long.

The Best Flight Instructors in the Country

Paragon Flight hires the best of the best flight instructors in the country. The weather, accommodations, and nearby areas draw pilots in, so we have a high-quality pool of applicants to consider. The Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) we employ are able to provide training in a range of specialties and aircraft.

To become the pilot you know that you were meant to be, arrange to attend one of the best pilot training schools in the country near Naples, Florida: Paragon Flight. Begin your adventure with a Discovery Flight or a program all your own. Get started by calling (239) 274-3170 today!