Pilot Training Schools Orlando, Florida

If you’re near Orlando, Florida, and ready to bring your cockpit ambitions out of the clouds and into reality, the first step will be to research pilot training schools. Paragon Flight in Fort Myers is conveniently located and happens to be one of the best flight training institutions in the nation.

Our customer support staff awaits the opportunity to help personalize a program based on your aviation goals and available time. When Pilot Training Schools Orlando, Floridafinished here, you’ll be ready to fly friends and family over the weekend, be on your way to a career with the airlines, or anything in between, depending on the program you choose. Reach the team by calling (239) 274-3170.

Beginners, intermediate, and advanced pilots are welcome at Paragon Flight. No matter how much experience you’ve had in the air, we’ll meet you as you are with a personalized course of instruction. We’ll supply an experienced, well-trained Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) along with a stellar training aircraft.

Flight courses available here include the following:

  • Private pilot certificate
  • Commercial pilot certificate
  • Instrument rating
  • Multi-engine add-on rating
  • Certified Flight Instructor

Page Field in Fort Myers, Florida is the home of Paragon Flight. We enjoy spectacular weather here 350+ days per year, a tower-controlled airport, and several practice airfields in the area. You won’t have a problem with frequent cancellations due to weather issues or a lack of aircraft or runway availability.

When you come to Fort Myers for training, bring the family. We offer fantastic accommodations at great prices, and the area offers plenty of fun features to keep them busy. While you learn to fly, they can wile away the hours having fun in Southwest Florida.

The aircraft at Paragon Flight are newer, well-kept, and equipped with the utmost advancements technologically. From single-engine to multi-engine training and even specialty training, your experience will be in the standard aircraft for that experience, complete with all the modern bells and whistles you might come across in other situations.

Those who aren’t sure if flight school is a commitment they really want to make, or if it just sounds good in theory, should schedule a Discovery Flight. This experience allows pilots to get a feel for the air and the cockpit. You’ll enjoy an introductory flight lesson, a tour of the facility, and a flight where you have control of the plane for a short period of time.

FAA authorized under Parts 61 and 141, Paragon Flight provides structured or flexible flight lessons, depending on your goals, lifestyle, and learning preferences. Most schools are authorized under either Part 61 or Part 141. Part 61 schools can adjust pacing, curriculum, etc. while Part 141 schools have to stick to the rigid curriculum prescribed by the FAA. We’re fortunate to be authorized under both to be able to answer the needs of more student-pilots.

International students and those planning to use veterans benefits must attend a Part 141 flight school, and those with hectic schedules and life commitments prefer the advanced pacing available at a Part 61 flight school.

Our Certified Flight Instructors will show you the ropes, in class and in the sky. You’ll find that we offer the level of support you need to find success in your flight school endeavors.

When you’re on the search for pilot training schools in Orlando, FL, consider Paragon Flight in Fort Myers. To become the best, learn from the best.