Port Charlotte Flight School Reviews

Reviews of flight school options in the Port Charlotte area point toward Paragon Flight for a successful experience. We establish ourselves as the best, including being FAA approved as a Part 141 and Part 61 institution. We offer a faster and more affordable process while creating a safer and more skilled pilot.

Part 141 and Part 61 FAA-Authorized Flight Schools

Port Charlotte Flight School ReviewsPart 61 and Part 141 flight schools are very different, but Paragon Flight integrates both. Part 61 schools operate with less structure; they allow for the custom creation of one-on-one courses that suit the needs of individual student-pilot’s goals, status, and schedule. This type of training relies heavily on the student to be a motivated go-getter.

Part 141 flight schools are more stringently structured than Part 61. The prescribed curriculum meets all of the FAA’s mandated standards, requires a full-time schedule, and allows international students and those using GI benefits to participate.

Most flight schools are purely Part 61 flight schools, and we at Paragon Flight are proud to offer both levels of flight training. 

What Makes Paragon Flight Great

Paragon Flight is the sum of our parts. We check every box one would consider when looking for the ideal flight training source:

  • Modern facilities
  • Flight-friendly weather year-round
  • Amazing Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs)
  • Appropriate and advanced fleet of aircraft
  • World-class Jeppesen curriculum
  • Custom flight instruction courses
  • Award-winning, recognized by the AOPA year after year.

The facilities out of which we operate are modern and entirely appropriate for flight training. Both Page Field (FMY) and Punta Gorda Airport (PGA), in Fort Myers and Punta Goda, respectively, offer tower-controlled runways and access to practice fields. The area also offers ideal weather for takeoff and landing all year long. In fact, well over 95% of the days provide perfect flight training conditions. 

The conditions that make this area great for learning to fly also make it an area popular among flight instructors. Our applicant pool is full of Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) with a wide range of backgrounds, specialties, and teaching styles. With this wealth, we offer our students a best-fit instructor promise to pair teacher to student.

We provide the most appropriate, safest aircraft available for training. The primary training aircraft within our fleet include the Piper PA28 “Pilot” and the PA-44 Seminole, and the specialty training aircraft include the Cirrus SR20 and the ALSIM Flight Simulator. Every single member of the fleet is Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) so that our students can transfer their skills to other aircraft throughout their flight experiences.

In order to provide training, we rely on the Jeppesen curriculum. We’re honored to be allowed to access this complete training system, developed by the Boeing subsidiary and proven to provide complete training 30% faster than the national average.

Paragon Flight offers custom flight programs to suit the needs of various student-pilots – depending on their goals, status, schedules, budgets, and lifestyles.

Flight school reviews are clear. If you’re searching for the best place to learn to fly near Port Charlotte, Paragon Flight is it. We have perfected every element of flight training, and we create programs around the needs of our students. Have questions about financing or training? If so, reach out by clicking here or by calling our locations – Punta Gorda [(941) 336-7494] or Fort Myers [(239) 747-0056].