Private Pilot License USA

A dream becomes a goal with the addition of a plan and a timeline. Instead of bemoaning your long suppressed ambitions to become a pilot, choose Paragon Flight and make those dreams become goals. We welcome those interested in pursuing a private pilot license, whether they’re from the USA or internationally based. Your flight training program will be individually suited to your situation and goals.

Personalized Flight Training

Private Pilot License USAParagon Flight provides training under the authority of the FAA FAR Part 61 and 141. Federal Aviation Regulations Part 141 require flight schools to follow set curriculum and scheduling, and Part 61 schools allow for flexibility of pacing and content.

The two sets of guidelines do not allow for an adjustment of program criteria or the checkride and evaluation that confirm readiness. The license will be the same regardless of the type of program.

Student-pilots who attend Paragon Flight will receive the best training whether they’re pursuing a private or commercial license, instrument rating, multi-engine rating, or Certified-Flight Instructor certificate.

A program customized to each individual student awaits our student-pilots. We’re able to match your schedule and your starting point with the most appropriate flight training courses and plans.

Affordable Flight Training

Training outside of an aircraft is cheaper and more convenient with an ALSIM AL172 Flight Simulator. The AL172 simulator matches the aircraft controls within the aircraft and provides a more realistic flight training experience. Hours spent in the simulator can count toward licensing demands. You can also be confident in the quality of our aircraft. We house every aircraft that might be needed for training and all are in stellar condition and outfitted with advanced avionic equipment.

Being a Part 141 program, we’re able to welcome student-pilots who want to use GI benefits as well as international students with an M-1 Visa. Our partnership with Liberty University might be of interest to those seeking grants or loans to finance their flight education as well. Reach out online or call to discuss the financial expectations and options.

Joyful Flight Training

Flight training should be an experience and a memory that you remember fondly. Your first experiences operating the controls in the cockpit should be a source of joy in the future. We’re singularly positioned to provide this joy with 350+ days of perfect flying conditions, beautiful scenery, and remarkable sunsets. Come to Page Field in Fort Myers, FL, where Paragon Flight operates, to learn to fly safely while relishing every second of the experience.

Requirements for Earning Your Private Pilot License

The FAA requires several elements for a private pilot license:

  • 17 years old at time of application
  • Fluent and literate in English
  • Clear a routine medical physical
  • Receive and document ground training
  • Pass a written evaluation in multiple choice form
  • Receive a minimum of 40 hours of flight instruction and solo flight time with FAR Part 61 courses or 35 hours with FAR Part 141 courses
  • Pass a checkride with a verbal and practical measurement provided by an FAA authorized agent

With a private pilot certificate, pilots will be authorized to operate single-engine aircraft under visual flight rules. To fly in other conditions, you’ll need an instrument rating, and to operate an aircraft with more than one engine, you’ll need a multi-engine rating.

Paragon Flight provides customized programs and one-on-one training for those pursuing a private pilot license in the USA. To schedule your consultation and discuss your aviation education, reach out by calling (239) 274-3170.