Reasons to Add a Multi-Engine Rating to Your Pilot Certificate

Whatever reasons you have to add a multi-engine rating to your pilot certificate, choose Paragon Flight to pursue them!

Based out of Fort Myers, FL at Page Field, Paragon Flight offers award-winning flight instruction for pilots at all levels of experience. We’re governed by FAA Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 141 and 61, so we’re able to meet the demands of full-time student-pilots as well as those with family and career obligations and little available time.

Reasons to Add a Multi-Engine Rating to Your Pilot CertificateOur multi-engine rating program requires one short week to complete in a space of 13 hours broken down into the following:

  • 5 hours of ground instruction
  • 11 ½ hours of practical flight training
  • 1 ½ hour checkride

Pilots who would appreciate additional training opportunities can also choose our 15-hour multi-engine rating course. Participating in the course does require that the pilot have an existing commercial or private pilot’s certificate, a current FAA medical approval, and proof of US citizenship or TSA authorization for foreign pilots.

Reasons Pilots Choose to Pursue a Multi-Engine Rating

Promote Safety

A twin-engine plane is safer than a single-engine aircraft, at least according to many, because pilots still have a spare engine to rely on should one fail. This attribute is also a factor that contributes to the danger of flight because of the difficulty balancing a multi-engine plane when one engine is out. That’s why much of the course focuses on single-engine performance in all stages of flight.

Greater Payload

A multi-engine plane will allow you to haul more passengers and cargo. As any vehicle owner knows, the size of the trunk or hauling bed is a critical factor when choosing the best auto for purchase.

Increased Speeds and Distances Traveled

When flying a multi-engine aircraft, pilots can fly faster, higher, and farther. This advantage is enough for many pilots who are strictly in the cockpit for the fun of it all rather than career pursuits.

Build Your Aviation Resume

A pilot with career on the mind should definitely pursue a multi-engine rating. You’ll need this endorsement to become an airline pilot, and the hours gained during our program look great on any resume, even when not when trying to captain an airline jetliner. This training provides a diversity of experience valued in any pilot.

Reasons Pilots Choose Paragon Flight

Paragon Flight is the place for pilots of all skill levels to come for the best possible flight instruction.

  • The AOPA, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, has named us many times over the years as worthy of recognition for our commitment to excellence.
  • The program can be finished in mere days, earning pilots an endorsement to add on to their existing private or commercial license.
  • A Piper PA-44 Seminole, qualified as a Technically Advanced Aircraft with Glass Cockpit Tech, is kept in-house for multi-engine training.
  • Paragon Flight’s staff of Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) are well-trained, experienced, and dedicated.
  • We train out of Page Field, in Fort Myers, FL, where we see more than 300 days each year of great flying weather.

When any of the above reasons to add a multi-engine rating to your pilot certificate inspire you to make the call to (239)274-3170, the staff here at Paragon Flight awaits the opportunity to answer any questions, schedule your course, or help with applying for financing.