Tampa Flight School

Looking for a flight school in Tampa? Extend your search southward to Fort Myers, where you’ll find the foremost training institution in the state of Florida, Paragon Flight. No matter your aviation goals, allow us to help you reach them.

Tampa Flight SchoolIf you’re interested in aviation, you’ve likely heard of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). This organization is the leading advocate for aviation in the country, so its opinion matters. That’s why we’re extremely proud to have been honored by this group many times throughout our years of operations.

Training at Paragon Flight will depend on the program that you’re pursuing. Our fleet houses models that are appropriate for sport flight, single-engine flight, and twin-engine flight. Further, all models are the standards for training, being safer, more predictable, and more easily transferable to other models. The entire fleet is also Technically Advanced and cared for by FAA evaluated mechanics.

To save our students a bit of cash, we also provide the ALSIM172 Flight Simulator, allowing students to perfect their skills without the expense of flight hours.

Pilot Certification and Supplemental Credentials

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) provides specific requirements and regulations regarding pilot credentials. You can earn them all at Paragon Flight as you work your way up the career ladder of flight.

Sport Pilot – Least restrictive license, allows pilots to fly one passenger in good visibility below 10,000 feet.

Private Pilot – This license allows pilots to fly during the day or night hours, but it restricts payment for these services. Training for this license offers a strong foundation for further training.

Instrument Flight Rating – An Instrument Rating added to your certification will then allow you to fly using avionics, communication, and navigation tools so that you can fly in various weather conditions. This rating is also a prerequisite to becoming a commercial pilot.

Commercial Pilot (Single-Engine and Multi-Engine) – Before being paid for acting as a pilot, you must have a commercial pilot license. Since this credential comes with great responsibility, the standards are high. Some pilots choose to go directly to earning a Commercial Multi-Engine License while others begin with a single-engine certification and add a multi-engine rating at a later time.

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI, CFII, CFMEI) – This certification will allow you to teach other student-pilots the secrets of flight. It’s incredibly useful to make a living as a flight instructor while logging flight hours as you pursue the requisite 1,500 hours required to become an airline pilot. You must, however, hold the certification in the area you wish to train.

Airline Transport Pilot – Flying for an airline will require that you have this certification as well as the needed flight hours. As you transition to different aircraft with an airline, you will have to add those credentials to your license.

Students choose Paragon Flight for the comprehensive nature of the programs we offer, but we also provide a host of other benefits. The weather here is ideal for flight time over 350 days of the year, and the beauty of the scenery is without comparison.

Page Field, Paragon Flight’s home, hosts a tower-controlled runway and our modern facilities. We’re also near several practice fields and local runways. Students have plenty of opportunities to fly.

The best flight school near Tampa is undoubtedly Paragon Flight, and your dreams deserve the best. Explore the training potential that we offer by calling (239)747-0056 or following this link.