Training to Become A Commercial Pilot

If you’re ready to sign up for training to become a commercial pilot, Paragon Flight in Southwest Florida is an ideal place to learn. We offer accelerated and standard training programs to ensure that you can learn as you learn best at the pace that works for your life and your learning style. Achieve your goal of earning wages as the PIC of a single-engine aircraft, multi-engine aircraft, or both.

Master Flight at Paragon Flight

Training to Become A Commercial PilotParagon Flight, located in Fort Myers at Page Field, provides a wonderful atmosphere for learning to fly. Our flight school operates under the authority of the FAA through Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 61 and 141. This dual authorization allows us to meet student-pilots where they are. For students with complicated schedules, we offer the flexibility of Part 61, and for students with full-time availability, we provide Part 141 training.

Paragon Flight invites pilots from the US as well as foreign countries. Per the FAA, we require verification of citizenship status and/or TSA-approval. Student-pilots should also be 18 years old (at least), be fluent and literate in the English language, and have a current FAA medical.

Honored by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) many times for being an excellent flight school, Paragon Flight is proud of our achievements and works diligently to maintain the best practices that earned them.

The Paragon Flight Training Fleet

The Paragon Flight fleet of aircraft and other training equipment is impressive. Each member is outfitted with G1000 avionics and qualifies as a Technically Advanced Aircraft. You’ll learn to fly safely while flying safely in our aircraft, learning skills that you’ll be able to convert to other aircraft as you grow in airmanship.

The Paragon Flight Training Team

The Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) on staff at Paragon Flight are highly experienced and well trained. We recognize that it takes the best to train the best. When hiring, we select pilots with the most rigorous training and hospitable customer service.

Take a Discovery Flight with Paragon Flight

We at Paragon Flight welcome you to Fort Myers to participate in a Discovery Flight if you have a notion that you’d like to make a career of flying. We’ll provide a tour of the facility and a short lesson where you’ll learn about the aircraft and its systems and even have the opportunity to control the plane should you like. This flight will be the hook that draws you into aviation as a pastime or career or the cue that it’s not what you thought at all.

Wage-Earning Pilots Start with a Commercial Pilot Certificate

To legally earn wages as a pilot, you’ll need the commercial pilot certificate. While you may require other endorsements or add-on ratings, depending on the job you have in mind, any job as a pilot requires the commercial license. You might be surprised to learn that pilots function as more than the person in the cockpit of the airliner we so often picture in reference to the word pilot. Pilots also command crop-dusters, tourist flights, banner flights, flight patrols, and many other purpose-driven flights. Every personality can find a niche within the aviation industry.

Should you be ready to schedule training to become a commercial pilot, don’t hesitate to call (239) 274-3170 to speak with our office. Paragon Flight is the destination of choice for wannabe pilots as well as current pilots seeking add-on ratings and more. If you’re interested in FLIGHT, we’re interested in you!