United Airlines Pilot Requirements

Does your career path lead you to atmospheric heights? Come to Paragon Flight to meet United Airlines’ requirements for pilot applicants. We offer several paths for aviation education, including the P3 Professional Pilot Program, which will give you a more affordable head start on your goals.

The Appeal of United Airlines

United Airlines Pilot RequirementsUnited Airlines is on a trajectory of growth and in an unprecedented position, able to provide career opportunities and momentum for pilots. If you’re looking for a place to take off and land from an airline cockpit, United Airlines is an optimal choice, and Paragon Flight can help you qualify.

With the largest widebody fleet in North America, some of the highest pilot compensation, the broadest global network among US airlines, base flexibility for pilot residence, and the most extensive training facility globally, United Airlines has a substantial appeal for pilots.

Pathways to Employment with United Airlines:

  • United Aviate Academy – United’s flight school.
  • Aviate program – affiliated with an Aviate partner.
  • First officer – experienced and qualified who has met the requirements for hiring.

Requirements for United Airlines First Officers:

  • Leadership characteristics
    • Good character, creative problem solving, team player, outcome-focused.
    • Committed to principles of Safety, Caring, Dependability, and Efficiency.
    • Lifelong commitment to aviation, excellence, and achievement.
  • Certifications
    • FAA Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) – multi-engine privileges, unrestricted.
    • FAA Medical Certificate – 1st class.
    • FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit (RR).
  • Flight Time
    • Minimum of 1,500 hours total.
    • 1,000 hours of fixed-wing turbine (preferred).
    • 100 hours (at least) within the past year (preferred).
  • General
    • Current passport with expiration at least six months in the future at the time of hiring.
    • Eligible to work in the US without sponsorship.
    • No restrictions on travel domestically or internationally.
    • High school diploma or GED.
    • Bachelor’s degree preferred.
    • Foreign transcripts evaluated by NACES, or the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services.
    • Yellow Fever vaccination – proof required – or participation in United’s Reasonable Accommodation Process (RAP).
    • Reliability and punctuality – zero planned absences during the first year of employment.

Meet the Requirements for First Officer Applicants through the P3 Program

The P3 Program at Paragon Flight can give aspiring pilots a jump start through an accelerated training course. This course will take pilots from zero experience to commercial licensing with flight instructor certification within 38 weeks.

P3 Program Breakdown:

Phase One (WEEKS 0-10) Private Pilot License (PPL) – a foundational phase that permits pilots to operate single-engine aircraft in visual conditions, a foundational basis for all future aviation training.

Phase Two (WEEKS 11-18) Instrument Flight Rating (IFR) – permits pilots to operate during non-visual conditions using communication and navigation aircraft systems.

Phase Three (WEEKS 19-30) Commercial License, Single Engine and Multi-Engine (CSEL/CMEL) – permits pilots to accept payment for services operating a single-engine or multi-engine plane.

Phase Four (WEEKS 31-38) Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) – provides commercial pilots with a way to accumulate the 1,500 flight hours they need to qualify as an airline applicant while making a living and perfecting their craft.

To participate in the P3 Program, participants must fulfill several of United Airlines’ qualifications, including age, education, FAA medical certification, and more.

Click here to register with Paragon Flight for the P3 program to create a custom course that will help you meet the requirements of United Airlines pilot applicants.