What Ratings Do You Need To Become An Airline Pilot?

The path from private pilot to airline pilot is winding and marked by incremental credential acquisition. As you sketch out your future aviation education and wonder what ratings do you need to become an airline pilot, reach out to Paragon Flight for a comprehensive breakdown.

What Ratings Do You Need To Become An Airline Pilot?The Typical Airline Pilot Path:

  • Private Pilot License
  • Instrument Flight Rating
  • Commercial Pilot License
  • Multi-Engine Rating
  • Certified Flight Instructor (I/II/MEI)
  • Airline Transport Pilot License + 1,500 flight hours
  • Ratings for each aircraft flown

Paragon Flight as Your Path Facilitator

Paving the way for your career as an airline or other commercial pilot, Paragon Flight provides a comprehensive catalog of training and custom courses for each student-pilot. We’re well-known as a quality school, with a plethora of accolades as evidence.

Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Parts 61 and 141 serve as guidelines for flight schools, with most institutions being authorized to operate under one or the other. Paragon Flight operates under both parameters, so we’re better able to meet the needs of all of our student-pilots. Whether you require flexibility or structure, come to us for an appropriate flight training program.

The best flight school for you should be one that offers all of the components necessary for success, with each component in exceptional condition.

Elements of Flight Instruction:

  • Certified Flight Instructors
  • Training Aircraft
  • Curriculum
  • Facilities

Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) employed with Paragon Flight come from an incredibly skilled and experienced pool. Florida’s weather and sights appeal to pilots in a way few other places do, and these pilots often turn to instruction as an avenue for employment. We’re able to choose a diverse team with an understanding of presentation, explanation, and diverse learning styles.

Training Aircraft within the fleet of Paragon Flight includes all Technically Advanced Aircraft with Glass Cockpit Technology and advanced avionics. We house single- and multi-engine aircraft, sporting planes, and a top-of-the-line simulator to meet participants in all of the flight programs offered.

Curricula used by Paragon Flight for instruction comes from the Jeppesen line of products, produced by a Boeing subsidiary and provided for use to a select few flight training institutions. The software, books, and other materials provided are proven to ready pilots in less than ⅓ of the national average.

Facilities here at Paragon Flight are modern and advanced. Come calling for a pre assessment or Discovery Flight to check them out for yourself. We offer everything required for an efficient program, including a tower-controlled airport, nearby practice fields, and more. The airline pilot program has specific requirements, including holding a medical clearance from the FAA to verify physical capability.

While beyond our control, the weather here in Fort Myers, FL, also helps facilitate the completion of flight programs. Increased opportunities to document flight hours with beautiful weather 350+ days of the year equal fast-forwarded pilot training completion. The 1,500 hours required by airline pilots demand such convenient access to flight.

As you rack up the ratings that you need to become an airline pilot, what flight training school you choose should depend on the courses you do need to complete as well as the time you have available and the money you have to spend. Paragon Flight awaits the opportunity to create an individualized plan on your behalf and help you with contacts and forms for financing as appropriate.