What Training is Required to Be a Commercial Pilot?

If the skies call to you, completing the training required to be a commercial pilot is what you should choose as an occupational route. Paragon Flight offers a path that will be faster and cheaper without sacrificing one iota of quality training.

What Training is Required to Be a Commercial Pilot?When you’re choosing a flight school to attend, you should definitely perform your due diligence to make sure that the quality is top-notch and that the fit is appropriate. Paragon Flight strives to check all of the boxes one might consider. We offer a positive atmosphere, flight-friendly weather, efficient curriculum, ideal aircraft, and excellent flight instructors.

FAA Federal Aviation Regulations

All flight schools must have approval by the FAA to provide flight training. Many of them are either Part 61 or Part 141 approved, but Paragon Flight has both approvals. This duality means that we can welcome international students, full-time students, and vets using GI benefits, and we can also provide intensive, accelerated, and personalized programs for students who require adjustments to pacing and curriculum. We’re even able to blend the two Parts to answer your custom needs.

Commercial Pilot Requirements

To earn a commercial pilot’s license, you’ll have to begin with a private pilot license. After this certification, you’ll follow up with a commercial single-engine license (CSEL), a commercial multi-engine license (CMEL), or both. You should also earn your Instrument rating, and you can choose if you’d like to become a Certified Flight Instructor.

Honored and Respected

Paragon Flight is award-winning, well-respected, and up to the task of producing safe, skilled pilots. The foremost advocate for pilots, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), has honored us as one of the premiere flight schools in the United States many times over the years.

The Paragon Flight Process

To begin the process with Paragon Flight, we will first need to verify that you’re a good candidate for becoming a commercial pilot. We will conduct a pre-assessment, discuss your goals and your prior experiences, and use this information to begin creating a bespoke training program.

Once we have this information and compile your custom program, we will break it down for you, line by line, explaining the costs and steps that you’ll need to follow. If you accept the plan, we’ll put it in motion with an appointment for onboarding with one of our “Student Ambassadors.”

Choose Paragon Flight

The weather in Fort Myers is flight friendly. Considering the fact that you’ll need to log a great number of hours in the sky, you should choose a flight school that offers 350 days of ideal weather each year.

Page Field, the airport out of which we operate, is the primary airport of Southwest Florida. This location provides plenty of access to cities, accommodations, and attractions.

The fleet of aircraft that we use to train pilots is well-kept and upgraded with Technically Advanced equipment. We house all of the aircraft that would be needed to complete the requisite flight hours.

Equally stellar, the Certified Flight Instructors at Paragon Flight are the best of the best. Pilots flock to Florida because of the weather and ample opportunities, so we’re able to select the best out of a collection of the best.

Paragon Flight training is what fulfills the required steps to be a commercial pilot. We urge you to begin chasing your dreams today by calling (239) 747-0056.