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Is Our Newly Redesigned, Professional Pilot Program (P3) Right For You?

I hope you’ve already noticed, but I’ll repeat it here. Paragon Flight is PASSIONATE about being an industry leader in private aviation and flight training. That’s why we are hyper-focused on protecting our culture and continuing our quest for innovative training approaches that meet the needs of our students while maintaining our emphasis on quality, safety, and performance. It’s also why we are so excited to talk about our newly redesigned Professional Pilot Program.

Branded as P3, the Professional Pilot Program has been redesigned from the ground up and creates a new training path for individuals who want to pursue a career in the commercial aviation industry as quickly as possible. We believe strongly that P3 captures all the positive aspects of our hallmark legacy pilot training program in a condensed yet thorough format. It comes about in large part as the industry seeks to safely yet quickly respond to the global pilot shortage.

The pilot shortage, by the way, began long before the pandemic but was obviously exacerbated by it. (Funny how a story can go from being industry news to widespread general news when thousands of people at airports across the country see their flights cancelled, delayed or rescheduled as a regular matter of course.) On the plus side, we like to think an understanding of the depth of the pilot shortage is making more individuals consider becoming a licensed pilot – whether for an ultimate career as a commercial pilot, military purposes, or for recreational pursuits.

Here are the key details of P3:

  • It’s designed for full-time, highly qualified students (with an aptitude test and skills assessment evaluation required to prove it).
  • It can be completed in as few as seven months, but typically it is completed in 10-12 months.
  • With fewer hours comes more affordable pricing – and new, attractive financing options.
  • Training is conducted with both simulator technology and our new Piper 100i aircraft.

One of my favorite aspects of the program is that, following completion, graduates not only receive their commercial and certified flight instructor licenses, but are given preferential consideration for employment at Paragon as flight instructors. And I’m admittedly biased, but I think Paragon Flight is a pretty terrific place for good humans to be at a pivotal point in their aviation career.

Interested in learning whether P3 is a good fit for your professional pilot training? We’re happy to tell you more. Please contact us here.