Commercial Aircraft Pilot Training Florida

Florida is well-known as a private and commercial aircraft pilot training destination, but none of the institutions in the area can compare to Paragon Flight. The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) has recognized us repeatedly for our successful endeavors. Keep reading to find out more about learning to fly with us.

Commercial Aircraft Pilot Training FloridaAt Paragon Flight, in Fort Myers, FL, student-pilots learn in a student-centered environment with the best training programs in the world, experienced Certified Flight Instructors, and technically advanced, upgraded aircraft.

The ultimate aim of the team here at Paragon Flight is to prepare pilots to safely enjoy the thrill of flight. Our commercial pilot program focuses on meeting the FAA requirements for earning that license and our reputation and accolades received speak to our success. If you’re ready to turn your love of aviation into a career instead of a pastime, give us a call to check out our commercial pilot training programs.

Need to Know Info Concerning Commercial Pilot Certificates

Pilots who plan to make a living flying must earn a commercial pilot certificate. This sort of training emphasizes the basic tenants of aviation, with rating endorsements available for the categories of airplanes that will be flown. In a sense, pilot education is a stepping stone that will proceed as your goals indicate, but all paths begin with commercial pilot training.

FAR Part 61 Guidelines for a Commercial Pilot Certificate

  • 250 flight hours (100 in powered aircraft/50 in airplanes)
  • 100 flight hours as PIC (50 in airplanes)
  • 50 cross country flight hours (10 in airplanes)
  • 20 hours of instruction (10 – instrument, 10 – complex or TAA, mix of cross country and practical test prep)
  • 10 hours solo flight (mix of cross-country and night flight)

Pilots attending an FAR Part 141-approved training program will require fewer hours, at 190 flight hours, for a commercial certificate.

Paragon Flight is approved under both Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 61 and 141. We’re prepared to offer commercial flight training as a full-time Part 141 course and a more personalized Part 61 program.

Flight Training Aircraft

At Paragon Flight, we have a fleet of well-equipped Technically Advanced Aircraft. Within our fleet, the following aircraft await student-pilots:

  • Cessna C172S Skyhawk
  • Piper PA-44-180 Seminole
  • Cessna T182T Skylane
  • Cessna C206H Stationair
  • Cirrus SR20 G6
  • Cirrus SR22 G5/G6
  • Alsim AL172 Flight Simulator

Our students train with Technically Advanced Aircraft featuring Garmin 1000 Avionics from the very beginning. This quality of training will allow our students to climb into any cockpit in the future with confidence that they’re prepared for the venture.

Piloting Careers

A commercial pilot certificate opens up money-making opportunities for those who love to fly. Jobs range from flying for an airline to crop dusting, banner towing, flight training, and more! Just as with any other career, jobs will have different requirements, and your aviation education will need to match those requirements. Paragon Flight can help your resume match your achievement goals.

The beautiful weather, well-trained flight instructors, top-level aircraft, and remarkable curriculum await student-pilots at Paragon Flight. We operate out of Page Field in Fort Myers, Florida, and we welcome those interested in pursuing commercial aircraft pilot training. If you’re interested in this or any of our other flight training programs, reach out online or give us a call by dialing (239) 274-3170.