FAA Pilot Certification

As you get started with flight training, there are some things to understand about FAA pilot certification. The experts at Paragon Flight are here to break the options down for you.

FAA Pilot CertificationParagon Flight provides one of the finest learning experiences for prospective pilots. We have been recognized for flight training excellence by The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), the world’s largest aviation association, as one of the top flight schools in the country.

U.S. Pilot Certificates

The six types of U.S. pilot certificates a person can obtain are:

Sport Pilot: A sport pilot certificate is meant for pilots who want to fly for fun in “light sport” aircraft only. It is the easiest and least restrictive certificate a student can obtain. You are allowed to fly yourself and one passenger in daylight hours in good weather below 10,000 feet. This is the only pilot certificate that does not require an FAA medical certificate.

Recreational Pilot: As a recreational pilot, you can carry only one passenger in single-engine aircraft of 180 horsepower or less with up to four seats. You can fly below 10,000 feet during daylight hours in good weather, and must stay within 50 nautical miles of your home airport. This can be a good option for pilots who want to fly heavier aircraft than those used for sport pilot training.

Private Pilot: The most popular certificate is the private pilot certificate, or private pilot license. The training requirements are more involved than those of the sport or recreational pilot, so private pilots are allowed to do much more, including fly at night and at controlled airports.

Commercial Pilot: The commercial pilot certificate allows you to be paid for your flying services. It demands more precision and knowledge about professional flight operations. Changes to FAA regulations allow training received in Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA), like our Cessna 172 Skyhawks, to substitute for training in a complex aircraft.

Flight Instructor: The flight instructor certificate allows you to train others to fly. If you have a commercial pilot certificate and want to gain hours or enter into a career in aviation, a flight instructor certificate can be a logical next step.

Airline Transport Pilot (ATP): Pilots who want to fly for scheduled commercial airlines are required to have the ATP certificate. Typically, you will need 1,500 hours of logged flight time.

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