Flight Lessons in LaGrange, Georgia

Learn to fly with the best flight lessons available by choosing the Paragon Flight location in LaGrange, Georgia. From an initial Discovery Flight to a one-on-one custom program or the P3 Professional Pilot Program for ambitious pilot-hopefuls who aspire to work professionally, our programs deliver for students of all stripes.

Flight Lessons in LaGrange, GeorgiaCome to Paragon Flight for personalized flight instruction, stellar customer service, and all of the other features required for world-class training.

Paragon Flight operates under the authorization of the FAA, through Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 141 and 61. Our operations have earned recognition by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) many times over the years for the quality of the flight instruction we provide as well as the instructors that provide it.

Flight Instruction for a Private Pilot License (PPL)

A Private Pilot License (PPL) opens up the world of aviation for individuals interested in flying for fun. Whether you simply enjoy the thrill of flight, plan for an incredible commute, or would like to operate professionally in the future, the first step is becoming a licensed private pilot.

The Private Pilot License (PPL) program at Paragon Flight includes four stages:

  • Discovery/Introduction Flight and On-Board Meeting
  • Phase 1 – Fundamentals of Flight Training (20-30 hours of flight time)
  • Phase 2 – Advanced/Solo Flight Training (10-15 hours of flight time)
  • Phase 3 – Examination and Testing (10-15 hours of flight time)

Every one of these phases includes both knowledge-based and flight training sessions. The step-wise process is carefully designed for the acquisition of flight skills in a way that builds and makes sense.

When we welcome student pilots for training, we provide the best aircraft possible for practical experiences. Each aircraft that we offer qualifies as a Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA), so they have advanced avionics built into the design. For single-engine flight, we provide a Piper PA28 “Pilot,” and for multi-engine flight training, we offer the PA-44 Seminole. Further training, rentals, recertifications, and more are available with the Cirrus SR20, and the ALSIM Flight Simulator provides practical training for a wide array of different aircraft.

The flight instructors at Paragon Flight cater to the individual pilot. We hire the best of the best, and we require courtesy and dedication. Using the Jeppesen curriculum, pilots here are able to complete training 30% faster than the national average.

We offer more than private pilot license training at Paragon Flight. Pilots can come here for all of their further training, including Instrument Flight Rating (IFR), Multi-Engine License (MEL), Cirrus Certified Aircraft Training, Glass Cockpit Training, Airline and Commercial Pilot Training (CSEL and CMEL), Certified Flight Instructor Training (CFI, CFII, MEI), Initial Flight Orientation (IFO), Single Engine Recurrent Training (SERT), Rotary Wing to Fixed Wing Transition Training, and Aircraft Transitions and Differences Training.

The Financial Considerations of Flight School

Paying for flight school can be an overwhelming burden, but it doesn’t have to be. Paragon Flight has a wealth of experience in the industry, and we have contacts that allow us to lead clients toward potential financial resources. Do you qualify for traditional student loans? Grants? GI benefits? If not, we can provide contacts for personal lending resources with whom previous clients have worked.

Ready to pursue flight lessons with Paragon Flight in LaGrange, Georgia? Click here or call (706) 903-9337 to speak with our team about an initial consultation to create the perfect course for you.