Military Pilot Training Florida

Paragon Flight extends its flight training beyond the private and commercial to the military as well; pilot training for the US government as well as international governments is a fairly common exercise at Page Field in Fort Myers, Florida.

Military Pilot Training FloridaFlight needs for the military are so widely based that its often beneficial when governments can count on flight schools to handle the basics. We at Paragon Flight offer several programs that promote military efforts, both domestic and for foreign-based clients. We welcome international clients; although, we do require TSA-approval for foreign students.

Military and Government Flight Training Programs

Paragon Flight offers several programs for military flight preparation.

Initial Flight Training – The Initial Flight Training and Initial Flight Orientation serve as an introduction of sorts to flight. These programs serve to introduce pilots to the basics of flight so that the military can focus on more detailed maneuvers particular to the campaign. We have long worked with outfits like the CAE and USAF Air Education and Training Command. Our flexibility benefits the client because we can adapt the curriculum to meet the individualized need.

Single Engine Recurrent Training (SERT) – Paragon Flight, being a Cessna Pilot Center, offers a stellar fleet of single-engine aircraft for drills, all of them Technically Advanced Aircraft with Garmin G1000 and G1000 NXI Avionics. We provide scenario-based drills that are intent on improving performance during real-life missions.

Aircraft Transition and Differences Training – Transition courses are meant to help pilots settle into new aircraft, growing comfortable with the controls, systems, and aerodynamics. These programs generally follow a familiar scheme: classroom, followed by simulator, then flight practice.

Rotary Wing to Fixed Wing Transition Training

Transferring the ability to pilot a helicopter to a single- or multi- engine fixed wing aircraft requires a program of study. Paragon Flight offers just such a course, with a FAR Part 141 authorized curriculum. We also provide a course for foreign governments and military sales clients. This program is VA-approved, and we offer a straightforward pathway for pilots to enter the commercial lane. Contacts with a few airlines here at Paragon Flight facilitate this path.

Take Advantage of Veterans Benefits While Training at Paragon Flight

Pilots who wish to avail themselves of their veterans’ benefits must seek out a FAR Part 141 approved flight school. Paragon Flight welcomes veterans through the following avenues:

  • Montgomery GI Bill – Those with a valid private pilot license and a current FAA medical can train with us and expect the Montgomery GI Bill to reimburse up to 60% of the costs.
  • Post-9/11 GI Bill – In partnership with Liberty University, Paragon Flight allows pilots to make use of the Post-9/11 GI Bill. This bill allows veterans, their spouses, and their children to receive up to 100% of the training costs, including a housing allowance.
  • Yellow Ribbon Program through Liberty University – the Yellow Ribbon Program allows students to continue their aviation educations to continue even after using all of their GI funds.

Paragon Flight produces quality pilots by a blend of the best location, instructors, aircraft fleet, and curriculum. Beautiful Florida weather and best practices of flight training allow us to provide military pilot training for governments of the US and authorized states from around the globe. We also proudly help those who’ve sacrificed for the country prepare for an occupation outside of the battlefield.