Pilot Training Columbus, Georgia

If becoming a pilot is on your bucket list, turn to Paragon Flight in LaGrange for pilot training near Columbus, Georgia. We provide a fun, exciting space for pursuing your dreams of aviation.

Pilot Training Columbus, GeorgiaParagon Flight began providing flight training in 2006 in Fort Myers, FL, and we have since opened two other locations – one in Punta Gorda, FL, and the other here in LaGrange, GA. Our locations provide top-tier flight training based on high standards and perfected instructional components.

An FAA-authorized Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Parts 141 and 61 flight school, Paragon Flight provides flight training for personal, professional, and military/government purposes. Whether you have full-time or part-time availability, we can provide an ideal training program. We can plan a bespoke course that meets your time availability, learning preferences, and ambitions. Paragon Flight offers superior flight training for all pilot candidates.

Prepare for Your Flight Lesson

A foundation in aviation is essential to flight training from the beginning. The initial training will begin with an introduction to the world of aviation and the aircraft you’ll be flying. From the essentials of aerodynamics to flight procedures and aircraft systems, you can expect a wealth of information you’ll need to learn.

After the ground instruction, you’ll learn about all the pre-flight steps pilots need to take. From inspecting the aircraft to starting it, the moments before a flight begins can be integral to the flight’s success. During your first flight lesson, you can expect the instructor to take off and possibly let you handle the controls once you’re in a safe position. When the flight is done, you’ll review the tasks that must follow any flight and discuss the session with your instructor.

Prepare to Fly Professionally with the P3 Professional Pilot Program

The P3 Professional Pilot Program at Paragon Flight is meant to help aspiring pilots reach their goals with less expense and time. Candidates with zero experience can reach the commercial level with flight instructor certification in fewer than ten months. This provides an entry point into the industry sector, allowing for continued accumulation of flight hours and experience while earning a living.

We built this program around three primary features:

  1. We prioritize quality over quantity of training.
  2. We offer assistance finding and securing appropriate financing through scholarships, student loans, grants, and direction toward suitable lenders.
  3. We prioritize the development of the professional skills needed for success, specifically related to leadership and character.

38-Weeks to Completion:

  • 0-10 WEEKS – Private Pilot License (PPL)
  • 11-18 WEEKS – Instrument Flight Rating (IFR)
  • 19-30 WEEKS – Commercial License, Single & Multi-Engine (CSEL/CMEL)
  • 31-38 WEEKS – Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

Prerequisites for P3 participation:

  • 18 years of age, minimum
  • High school graduate or GED recipient with college experience preferred
  • One personal character reference
  • One professional character reference
  • Clean MVR, FAA record, criminal background check
  • Passed cognitive/behavioral evaluation
  • FAA 1st Class Medical Certificate
  • Proficient, fluent, and literate in the English language
  • Full-time availability to participate in 4-5 flight lessons and 10-20 hours of ground training per week
  • In possession of integrity, drive, work ethic, and ambition.

Pilot training with Paragon Flight near Columbus, Georgia, will prepare individuals to fly for personal or professional purposes. Click here or call (706) 903-9337 to speak with the LaGrange location.