Private Pilot School in Florida

Private Pilot School FloridaWelcome to Paragon Flight, where you can train for the biggest adventure of your life at our flight school based in Fort Myers, Florida. We are a premier FAA Part 141-approved flight school and are uniquely equipped to train you for your private pilot certificate. We are proud of the fact that we were recently honored by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) with selection to their Flight Training Excellence Awards Flight School Honor Roll for 2012. This demonstrates our commitment to training the best and safest pilots.

When deciding on the best private pilot school in Florida for your training, consider our excellent curriculum and our outstanding Florida staff. To provide every client with the best instruction, we have teamed up with Jeppesen, a subsidiary of Boeing and the creators of the world’s finest pilot training systems and manuals. We are proud to be among only a handful of flight schools that Jeppesen authorizes to use their training materials. Our highly-recognized training team is made up of nationally accredited Master Instructors and Gold Seal Flight Instructors. This combination of computer-based curriculum and talented instructors results in Paragon Flight’s students earning their wings about 30% faster than the national average.

As an FAA Part 141 school, we are periodically audited by the FAA, required to have FAA-approved curricula and must meet the FAA’s student performance rates. Part 61 flight schools are not required to meet these same stringent accountability standards.  If you are a first-time pilot, want to become a commercial pilot, or want to hone your skills and get your instrument rating or multi-engine rating, Paragon will customize a flight training program just for you.

Our valued customers have also voted us one of the best private pilot schools in Florida and the nation (Top 50). Get in touch with our Chief Flight Instructor today for a free private consultation to talk about your specific needs and goals. We’ll discuss your previous flight experience, the hours and ratings you need, how flexible your schedule is, your career goals, and provide you with training alternatives and flexible payment options.

At Paragon’s Florida private pilot school, you will learn to fly in the world’s greatest aircraft: Cessna’s forgiving and reliable single-engine Skyhawk 172 with its state-of-the-art Garmin G1000® glass cockpit. For twin-engine training, we use the advanced Tecnam P2006T with the Garmin G950 “glass cockpit” avionics package. Because this aircraft is lightweight and fuel efficient, you’ll spend less on your IFR and multi-engine rating training. All Paragon aircraft are meticulously maintained, so you will always feel safe and confident.

Becoming a pilot is a rewarding experience and we provide you with advanced training techniques, some of the finest equipment in the industry, and unsurpassed customer satisfaction.  You will train more quickly because of our great flying weather (350 days of “aviation perfect” weather each year) and our close proximity to airports and practice areas.

Paragon Flight is one of the top private pilot schools in Florida and the nation. We promise to provide you with personal attention and a lively, fun training experience as you accomplish your goal or improve your skills. Whether you live in Florida or anywhere else in the world, contact us at (239) 274-3170 to get started.